Employees OR Partners??

Finding a right employee is a very important step for every company. Employees are face of the company to the customers. Taking care of them will lead to taking care of customers, this reap rewards beyond imagination. Per Richard Bronson, “Your employees are your company’s real competitive advantage” and meeting their need, will help you meet your company goals. If an employee fails to bring value addition to the table, then the immediate manager and the company should be able to take responsibility of the same and provide the right conditions and environment to them. I would like to get in detail on this later. But, coming to an interesting topic why are companies not treating employees as partners in their growth? Why companies value only C level executives more than others?

In my view every employee works at their level best for the given roles and responsibility. I whole heartedly agree that executives are the main pillar of the company but isn’t all employees the remaining pillars within the company? then why not give them equivalent credits and perks?  I would not agree for paying out huge stock option only to C level executives instead why not take a small percentage of this stock option and distribute it to all employees within the company. Doing this, there will be thousands of people who keep thinking about the company and ways to improve it. They come with multiple ideas which can add value to your business and has positive impact on company bottom-line which will lead to bull run of company stock forever. By doing this companies are sharing their responsibility of company growth with its employees, which will make them to pay attention for company results; they respect & support the management in their tough decisions since it impacts everyone now, not just the executives.

One simple thought will change the corporate eco system and puts accountability on every employee shoulder within an organization. This company partnership with its employees through the stock option, will not only help in getting the commitment from its employees but also helps in reducing the attrition rate as employees now have the ownership of what they do and won’t look for any new opportunities so easily.

Employers should think of giving their stocks to employees at all levels rather than just executives. The percentage can vary based on experience, years in the company, etc. I believe there are few handful of companies doing this, but most of top companies still depend on only executives and strangely, not worry about other employees.

Do comment and let me know your thoughts (Thoughts/Pros/Cons) on the same.