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Test Estimation Template

Listed here is a technique which can help in test estimation, this technique can also be used for estimation of test case authoring, test execution, test automation.

This is at a intial stage and keep updating till it seems to suite all situation. This technique encomposes idealogy of work break down structure, planning poker from the Agile world. I have tried to made it simpler for usage but might require your inputs also to make it more reliable and also user friendly.

This technique involves dividing the project into different modules and estimate on the modules. Modules are then seen as different pages/screen etc.,. Steps involved in this technique

 1) Derive Page Points
2) Test points are calculated automatically
3) Test case creation and execution time is automatically calculated
4) Calculate the potential of the team on how much test case creation points they can achieve in a day
5) Calculate the potential of the team on how much test case execution they can achieve in a day
6) Find out the actual time required to complete the derived points.

A sample template of this can be found here:

Let me know your thoughts/suggestion after using this template, this is just the beginning of the Model based estimation technique.


4 thoughts on “Test Estimation Template

  1. Hi:

    Could you explain the basis on which the following was arrived?

    1. Potential test case creation points. How was this number arrived?
    2. Test case execution points where you have given as 1.15. How this 1.15 was arrived?
    3. Potential test case execution points. How was this number arrived?
    4. Number of anticipated Test cases. How the 3 was arrived?

    Where do you give the size of the test team?.

    Kindly mail me @

    1. Hi,

      I am Ramesh, manual test engineer. we only get Functional Requirements document based on which we used to estimate the effort but it is not effective. Is there any way to estimate effectively? Please help me out….


  2. This is a good question, here the numbers depicted should not be considered as standard. Based on the earlier test cycle time we have derived the test case exection point as 1.15. Basically, what was done was that we did a simulation to come up with this number.

    We need to collect the actual cycle time of the earlier testing and then try to get this number through simulation.

    The estimate comes in man days based on this number you need to work on what team size is required or how much time is required given the team size.
    – Rajeev

  3. Additing on we need to derive this tempate to a standard one. I would require your support in doing the same and fine tuning this template to be more beneficial.

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