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Descriptive programming takes more time?


I often hear that Descriptive programming takes less time, but is this correct? Do programming since it save time? 

In my experience it is bit different and I believe that descriptive programming consumes more time than that of using an object repository. Object repository helps QTP to identify objects with more properties and in descriptive QTP is forced to identify with one or two properties. So a basic question here is can you identify objects easily with one property or is it easy to identify with multiple property? 

We used descriptive programming in our script and we noticed that time taken was more and we switched to object repository. I will not be able to give metrics of our current project but instead I took a famous search engine and did these actions with QTP with both descriptive programming and using object repository. The steps I did was 

Enter a keyword into edit box 

Submit search 

Click on the first link got 

and click on the home page link in the new URL. 

I repeated execution of the script for 3 times. With object repository it always took only 3 seconds to execute but with descriptive it took 4 and 5 seconds. So, this i quite convincing to me that descriptive programming takes more time but also it might depend on our application of how QTP might react to descriptive programming versus object repository. 

Saying this I also believe that descriptive programming can be used with our script but the usage of that should be limited to as we use salt when and where it is really require. Example may be when we want to delete multiple records in a page we can get the index of the checkbox/link and do some action with one line of code. 

In case you have different experience, please leave a comment.


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