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Available framework for QTP

Building a framework before automation is a first step in any organization. Building a good framework with good number of library functions will take long time and in some cases I have observed that it takes nearly months/years together to get in a good framework for the company.

But now, I see a change, there are few available frameworks both open and commercial which is available. Using these may be your ROI on automation can increase drastically. It would be wise thought to have a look and do an evaluation on these frameworks and then decide what needs to be built or extended on top of these frameworks. Here I would not recommend any framework but list down the framework which I have evaluated. All these frameworks have their own merits so selecting the framework which you and your organization wants purely depends on you but you can get a head start from here through the list.

Open source framework which I have tried to use.

 1) Open2test –

2) Framework manager from advancedqtp –

 3) Framework from Carsten Büche –

 4) Framework from Ian Fraser –

5) Framework from Anshoo Arora-

6) Framework from Manish Bansal –

I have just listed them in the order of which I remembered. Apart from these there are around 4 -5 commercial framework which I have worked on. In case you have any other framework, please leave a comment on that framework below.


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