Software Testing

Test Estimation Template

Estimation is a big task and also tricky. In this template I have tried to break this task into steps. By following the steps the estimation process would be simple and also predictable.

At this moment the template is only for manual testing and the same will be update with automation also.

Please download the template from

Snippet of the template found below

Sl.No Parameters Best Case Worst Case Possible
1 No. Of Test Modules      
2 No.of Test Requirements      
3 No. of test cases/requirement      
5 Total number of test cases 10    
6 % of complex1 test cases * 50    
6a No.of complex1 test cases 10 #VALUE! 0
7 % of complex2 test cases * 30    
7a No. of complex 2 test cases 7.5 0 0
8 No. of complex3 test cases * 2 0 0
9 No. of Test analyst 3    
10 Test Analyst knowledge      
11 No. of test cycles      
12 Incident reporting and closing      
13 % incident getting fixed      
14 Test case overhead time      
15 Test Case rework time/ cycle      
16 Contigency factor      
  Test Case development time      
Test Case Execution time      
 *Complex 1 Weightage 2 Note: Test cases that need to be
 executed for n number of data can be clasified as Complex 1
   *Complex 2 Weightage 1.5    
   *Complex 3 weightage 1    

29 thoughts on “Test Estimation Template

  1. Hello Rajeev,

    This is Nilesh from mumbai, would like to know more about test esteemation. The above link is down. Pls upload it again or could u plz send on my mail
    Thanks and Regards,

  2. hi rajiv,
    your estimation template looks awesome but i wasn’t able to download as the site is down. can you please send me spreadsheet to

    i will appreciate if anyone else do me a favour by sending it as well.


  3. Hi Rajeev – this is Sandhya Kandru from Tampa,FL. I really liked the estimation tool that you have posted here as a snippet from the template.Can you please email me the spreadsheet in the xls format for me??

    Thanks and regards – Sandhya

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